Driver Services Platform (DSP)

Using advanced AI/ML, OCR, APIs, dashboards for each stakeholder type, integration of payment system and external databases, the platform provides the best scalable, integrable, and open solution for all vehicle usage needs.





API infrastructure

A platform built for developers. Our infrastructure is focused on requirements such as documentation adhering to the highest standards (including an interactive demo), a real and dedicated test environment for the development and integration of new features, security, and data integrity.


Data extraction from documents and fines, with one simple photo upload. 5+ cities supported (and growing), and bot communication.


OpenAPI Specification; full description with headers, body and response. Includes examples; Interactive demo for developers.

Test environment

Permanent access to a dedicated test environment enables the development team to build API integration and test new features.

Real-time events

We use webhooks to notify partners of specific events, in real time, e.g. a new message from a legal Advisor to their client.

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

Part of our customer services are enhanced by AI and ML to simplify and speed up common operations to provide a faster, more precise, and more effective service.

Text Detection

Data extraction from documents and fines, with one simple photo upload. 5+ cities supported (and growing).

Natural Language Entity Extraction

Using the Tiassisto24 dataset for training, the data extraction process is based on various algorithms, from natural language analysis to MRZ (machine-readable zone).


After a phase of training and the construction of predefined flows, an active bot will guide the user by providing useful information directly via chat.

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